King G Mall’s – “DHOL BLASTERS” International Band – (Est:1968)

Simply the Original & the Very Best in Entertainment (True Roots & Colours of Punjab)

As Seen by Billions around the World on LIVE-8 along-sides UB 40 – London.


The Dhol Blasters are World’s First & the oldest and the biggest team of mix young Male & female

Vibrant Dhol players, based in Birmingham, England. Been created and managed by one of the pioneers of Bhangra Music industry in the UK for Introducing & making Dhol popular Worldwide:- Mr Dhol King Gurcharan Mall BEM, Who has endless Accolades, Achievement Awards to his name such as – Her Majesty’s Royal Honours “British Empire Medal”, Winner of 8 Lifetime Achievement awards & most recently “Introducing & Making Dhol drum Popular Worldwide” by World Book of Records London 2/3/2020, the list is endless.


As the need & recognition: for Punjabi music & culture was growing, Mr Mall was coaxed into passing his skills to the younger generation. In 1983 Mr Mall decided to open first school of Asian Music & dance outside India for not only just male BUT also female students to learn Dhol & Bhangra (girls who was not given the chance to learn or play Dhol) & has successfully since then has trained 1,000’s individuals and teams around the Country & abroad.


Mr Mall in 1986: formed a small team of Dholis who was his students, doing small performances under his name “G Mall Dholis” and then more & more students came and at the sometimes bigger demand came, so to make the students be professionals in 1988 name was given as “King G Mall’s Dhol Blasters” (simply Dhol is the instrument & the player blasts big sound). This great force of male & female Dhol drummers are our future generations of defenders of Punjabi culture. They have taken on numerous assignments nationally & internationally.


The beat of the Dhol Blasters also incorporate other traditional folk instruments & their Punjabi authentic bright colourful costumes is a cry of jubilation and celebration designed to uplift the spirit of all types of audiences & sharing the happiness with their rhythmic drumming routines at all major Shows, Festivals Melas, Processions, Weddings and all sorts of events all over the country & abroad and they rarely return without achieving their primary objective of entertaining people.


World records:- 1) 1999 took part in biggest gathering of Dhol players in the world to set a world record of 315 Dhol players (partner King G Mall) – 2) in the same year they themselves did a Dholathon and set a world record by playing for 42 hours non-stop (by King G Mall) – 3) in 2001 they broke their own record and set a new record for 53 hours non-stop to raise money for different charities (by King G Mall) – 5) Dhol Blasters took part in Taal beat 2000 (England 2000 Musicians) 2000 – 6) 2009 took part in biggest gathering of Dhol players in the world to set a NEW world record of 632 Dhol players by King G Mall – 7) 2018 took part in biggest gathering of Bhangra dancers in the world to set a NEW world record of 4,411 dancers (by King G Mall)!!!!!!

Also from Dhol blasters they created Bhangra Blasters first team in the World first they learnt the Dhol & became Dhol players and then they learnt the Bhangra dance and then they learnt other instruments and became Punjabi style band baja and also musical singing band,, These achievements done by ONLY ONE TEAM OF DHOL PLAYERS IN THE WORLD and all this was the brain work of:- King G Mall BEM, CEO, Ambassador.

They have also inspired lots of other boys & girls to learn to play Dhol and form their own teams Around the World.


Charity Work:- They have helped to raise Hundreds of Thousands of pounds for various charities – such as Children In Need, Gujarat Earthquake Appeal, Pakistan Earthquake Appeal, Ethiopia and Rwanda Appeals, ear & throat, Eye hospital B’ham & India, kidney dialysis machine Wolverhampton hospital and many more.


Performed at: Many high profile shows & Opening’s, such as – Playing  for  her majesty the Queen at her Golden Jubilee at Symphony hall Birmingham & also at Pride park Derby, Commonwealth games in Manchester, BBC Blue Peter celebrations for the Queens Jubilee, Opening of Bullring shopping Centre Birmingham, Artsfest every year since 1998/06, Flora Light women’s Marathon challenge in B/Ham & London’s  Marathon 04/05/06, Mega  Mela  N.E.C 03/ 04/ 05 , Vaisakhi Mela Handsworth park – 03/04/05/06 and THE BIGGEST SHOW seen By Millions Worldwide alongside UB40 at the LIVE-8 – 2005.


Released:- More than 9 albums, for some they have received Platinum & Gold discs. Also won many Awards.


Performed in:- America, India, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Malaysia.


King G Mall’s The Dhol Blasters (True Roots and Colours of Punjab) are the ultimate missionaries of Punjabi culture- destined to protect it, develop it and keep it strong and alive. They take pride in there Ethnic music and culture, which they want to share with the rest of the world.