Dhol King Gurcharan Mall – Winner of many Awards, World Records and Accolades!!!

Gurcharan Jit Mall, now widely known as King G Mall – is one of the most prolific musical personalities in the Bhangra industry anywhere in the world since 1968. His talent, achievements and persona epitomise the core roots of Bhangra.

Having being a key part of the birth of Bhangra music industry in the western world and having given his soul to the movement. King G. is truly without a doubt, the first pioneer of making the Dhol popular around the World, with his bubbly, previously unseen, style of playing. He symbolises the music genre like no other musician of his generation. He has been named as King of Dhol, Godfather, of world Dhol players also Bhangra Historian. King G, Chair & Artistic Director of Punjabi Music Dance Academy & Music Builds Bridges, has been teaching Bhangra dance & Dhol drum full/part time since 1977 in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Art centre’s up & down the country and abroad. Since 1984 he became a full time:- Musician, Music Producer, Teacher, Promoter, Artistic Director, Manager, Writer, Coach & Choreographer in Bhangra music & dance.

Also a key member of – Apna Sangeet, Nachdey Hasdey, Nachda Sansaar, Dhol Blasters, Bhangra Blasters & Band Baja. Who has endless number of accolades and awards to his name. His recent AWARDS are:- Lifetime Achievement Award by Britasia TV World Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award by UK Bhangra Awards, Lifetime Contribution to Bhangra and Charities by Ambur Radio, Excellence Award by Global Punjabi Society UK – Bharat Parvasi Divas Award N.R.I India – Glory of India Award, N.R.I – Hind Rattan Award India, House of Commons – Punjabi Cultural award, ITV – Arts Leadership Midlander of the year, Community Excellence Award (BCABA), Best Personality of the Year Award by Asian Pop Awards UK and Best Dholi from Panjabi Academy Leicester.

His heart is gold with his teams over the years helping to raise hundreds & thousands of pounds for different Charities Worldwide:- BBC Children In Need, Gujarat Earthquake, Pakistan Earthquake, Ethiopia and Rwanda Appeals, Oxfam, Ear & Throat hospital, Eye Hospital B’ham & Punjab, kidney Dialysis Machine W’ton, Cancer Research, Brain Tumour, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes Research, Orissa Relief, Leukaemia, Load Mayors Charity, Lions Club, Rotary Club, London Marathon, BUPA London Marathon, Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation, Barnardo’s, Seek Diabetes Awareness, Promise Dreams, Birmingham Children Hospital, G.R.E.A.T, DOM and many more.

King G Mall is now, without any doubt, the most loved, respected and cherished of the world’s legendary Dhol players & an Artist. He is a living legend.

Born in a small village call Hakimpur. At the age of four & half he moved to the big city Ludhiana, the heart of Punjab, and at the age of eleven & half moved to the big city Birmingham, England. Gurcharan was from the very start influenced by the unique rhythms of Bhangra music. This music has its origins in the rural calendar of an agricultural society that always celebrates a successful harvest. The dance movements themselves are all associated with the movements of an agricultural worker going about his daily tasks.

Even as a young child Gurcharan was fascinated by the rhythmic sounds and his earliest instrument was a “Peepa Can” that he played with a couple of sticks. His early childhood in the 1960’s ensured that he absorbed all the cultural values of an Indian nation with its multi-cultural values and religions. In the early 1960’s his family moved to England and Gurcharan was faced with a sudden transition from a traditional rural community into the bustling and very western city of Birmingham. Like all young people he quickly adjusted to his new environment and began his English education in an area that brought him into contact with people from many parts of the world.

Although Qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer and a Toolmaker, later becoming a Forman in a service engineering company, his love of music continued to form and he experimented with the very different European rhythmical sounds.

Gurcharan made a very early decision to stay with the music of his roots and began to study the Indian Dholak and Dhol whenever he had spare time. As a teenager in a very close community, Gurcharan saw traditional Bhangra being performed by U.K. based groups and he began to attend rehearsals and learn the basic movements.

At the same time he followed the bands like Anari Sangeet, Ashoka group and Chirag Pechan who were developing the new Bhangra sound by introducing western instruments to the traditional music. Whilst he was attracted to the new form he decided that he would initially concentrate on learning all that he could about the traditional Bhangra music. He continued to develop his skills as both a Dholak / Dhol musician.

He made his first Singing group “The Nadaans”, some of the members are still going very strong in music today. At the same time he joined Bhangra teams – First “The Trangha group” who won many awards & second it was “The Punjab Group” with whom he toured and performed in many countries.

Always demanding perfection he realised that he needed to form his own team of Bhangra Dancers. He made his first team “The Nachdey Sitira” students from Aston University, second team “The Nachdey Hasdey” and third team “The Nachda Sansaar”. They quickly developed a reputation for excellence that won them many Awards.

He began to earn a reputation as a teacher, coach, choreographer and a manager, this led to his involvement in many Bhangra dance groups in the UK. He has even gained recognition from Her Majesty the Queen for his work with “Dhol Blasters” on her Golden jubilee at the Symphony hall.

Gurcharan, undoubtedly the most qualified Dhol & Bhangra teacher in the country, is not only passing on his skills but also helping to preserve the traditional culture of Punjab in the youth of today.

A Singer sings songs – A Music producer produces music – A Dholi plays Dhol – A Dancer does dancing – How many other things have they done including Charity work or Teaching to others?

Artist King G Mall – is not just a Dholi or only promoted Dhol, he has done much more with his Dedication, Determination & Struggle for 47 Years in promoting Bhangra Music & Dance with a SMILE.

He is the first Indian Artist who Created, Modified & Set World Records:-

  • Modified Dhol with homemade hooks to take plastic skin
  • Introduced Dancing on stage while playing Dhol drums
  • Made Dholak stand
  • Made Tabla stand
  • Started Fitting Mic’s in Dhols
  • Wrote 2 Educational Books on how to learn Dhol & Bhangra
  • Made 2 Educational Videos on how to learn Dhol & Bhangra
  • World’s First Male/Female Dhol Team
  • World’s First Male/Female Dholi Bhangra Dancers
  • World’s First Punjabi Bollywood Male/Female Band Baja
  • Produced World’s First song AAO JI – 5 Countries Collaboration – 4 non Asian artist’s singing in Punjabi
  • Organised the biggest show – Music Build Bridges, Dholis Got Talent & world records
  • World Record:- Biggest Number of Dholis – 1) 314 – 2) 632 – and 3) 254 (Malaysia Record)
  • Non Stop Dholathon to raise money for charities – 42hrs & then 53hrs
  • 2,552 – Biggest amount of Bhangra Dancers
  • Biggest Show “Live 8 – Over 200,000 Crowed.
  • Raised Hundreds & Thousands of pounds for different charities and Countries
  • Founder Member:- Apna Sangeet
  • Founder:- Nachdey Hasdey, Nachda Sansaar, Dhol Blasters, Hard Kaur, Bhangra Blasters, Band Baja
  • Performed In:- America, Australia , Austria , Belgium , Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, India, Italy , Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Tanzania, The Azores Islands.